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WMC builds IFS units for the vehicles listed below.

We can build these units with coil springs, coil-overs or air bags. If you don't see your car listed PLEASE CALL so we can discuss your options. We can usually help you with your best available option. Thank You for your interest in the WMC product line!

Hub-to-Hub Units Start at 1795.00


28-31 Ford

32 Ford

33-34 Ford

35-40 Ford

35-41 Ford PU

41-48 Ford / Merc

42-47 Ford PU

49-51 Ford

49-51 Merc

48-52 Ford PU

53-56 Ford PU

57-60 Ford PU

64-70 Mustang

37-48 Chevy

47-54 Chevy PU

49-54 Chevy

55-57 Chevy

55-59 Chevy PU

59-64 Chevy

60-66 Chevy PU

67-72 Chevy PU

73-87 Chevy PU

64-72 Chevelle

53-62 Corvette

63-67 Corvette

62-67 Nova

68-74 Nova

67-69 Camaro

70-81 Camaro

63-87 CIO Bolt-In


Units come standard with:

Fully welded crossmember specific to your vehicle

with built-in anti-dive geometry.

Upper & Lower Tubular control arms, bushings & ball joints

Springs, Shocks, Spindles, Brakes, Rack-n-pinion steering


Some Units available with BOLT-IN Crossmember

Wilwood 11", 12", 13", 14" Disc Brake Kits

Aldan American Single & Double adjustable aluminum shocks

Sway Bars: Standard Type & Torsion Type available most units

Wilwood Pro Spindles available for most kits

Power Rack-n-Pinion Steering Sector

Motor Mounts on some kits

SS Braided Power Steering Lines

Powder Coating

Bolt Patterns

Call Today To Order!










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