First in a series of new Viper Suspension Products from Pete & Jake’s.
• The first shock absorber designed exclusively for hot rods and pro street machines.
• The first affordable all billet shock absorber made of super strong 6061T-6 aluminum alloy.
• Gas charged for superior, fade free damping and consistent operation.
• The valving is a six stage automatic damping function that adjusts to continuing load and velocity factors to provide proper damping under all conditions. A special antitopping function is also built in.
• Plus a 11 position damping adjuster lets you select the ride you desire.
• Double wall body protects inner cylinder from outside damage due to dents and insures that the damping remains consistent to piston/body compatibility.
• Special vented oil cavity protects top seal from excessivepressure – solves the problem of leaking shocks.
• Pete & Jake’s Microflex® Bushings.
• Proper ride and handling characteristics are determined by the angle that the shock is mounted at. The more vertical the shock, the stiffer the ride. The less vertical the shock, the softer the ride, but also less support during hard bumps and cornering.


Aldan Alloy Longer Alloy Shocks (15 inches extended 11 inches collapsed)

SKU: 1140-1