The 6769RBK_DBK1012S provides an easy to install, bolt on solution for upgrading your Cars 10 or 12 bolt rear-end to disc brake performance.This kit will dramatically improve your stopping performance from drums to 11" disc rotors! 

Complete Rear Disc Kit Includes:

  •     Multi-pattern 11" GM Rotors
  •     Loaded Large GM Cast Iron Calipers with built in emergency brake
  •     Caliper Brackets & Spacers
  •     Bracket Hardware, Rubber Hoses & Brackets, Emergency Brake Cables
  •     Works on C-Clip or non C-Clip rear ends.
  •     Each rotor is drilled for GM 5 x 4.75'' w/ 7/16'' stud bolt patterns. 
  •     Will not fit Moser rear ends.
  •     Maximum diameter of 6.11" to fit rotor hat. .050x45 Degree Chamfer. 2.786" max register axle.
  •     Fits 15" or larger rims

Does not fit the S10 Chassis or any other truck. This kit is designed only  for 1968-69 F-body cars & 68-74 X body.


This kit works for:

1968-69 F-Bodies: Camaro & Firebird
1968-74 X- Bodies: Nova

67-69 Camaro Rear Disc Brake Kit

SKU: 6769RBK_DBK1012S