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Wentz Motor Company builds Complete Chassis or

Front and Rear Sub-Assemblies for the vehicles listed below. Most Chassis are available with Coil-Spring Front, Coil-Over or Air Bag Suspension.

If you don't see your vehicle listed PLEASE CALL and we will be glad to discuss your needs. We can usually provide you the best option available.

Thanks for your interest in the WMC product line.

Perimeter Frames start at 2495.00

Rolling Chassis start at 7495.00

28-31 Ford

32 Ford

33-34 Ford

35-40 Ford

41-48 Ford

42-47 Ford PU

49-51 Ford

49-51 Merc

48-52 Ford PU

53-56 Ford PU

57-60 Ford PU

64-70 Ford Mustang

34-35 Chevy

47-54 Chevy PU

49-54 Chevy

55-57 Chevy

55-59 Chevy PU

59-64 Chevy

60-66 Chevy PU

67-72 Chevy PU

73-87 Chevy PU

64-72 Chevelle

53-62 Corvette

63-67 Corvette

68-74 Nova

67-69 Camaro

70-81 Camaro




Wentz Motor Company proudly uses these companies quality products.


59-64 Chevy Chassis.jpg
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